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The Douglas Forums

This is a place where you can discuss Douglas motorcycles, place advertisements, ask questions, tell others about interesting links you may have found, or post photos of your machine.

It's direct and immediate. You can post the information yourself without having to go through a website operator.

To get started in the forums, you can either register yourself or have us do it for you. Registration only involves a user name and an email address. The user name can be anything you like.

By using a registration system, it helps keep out unwanted participants and spam emails.

To register yourself, please go to the Forum main page and click on JOIN HERE. Please see the User Guide or Quick Start Guide for assistance. When you register, you will receive an email advising you of your personal log-in information.

If you would like to be automatically registered for the Douglas Forums, please simply email and say "Please register me for the forums, I live in (country) and my nearest large city is (city name)". Your country is so people can see where you located and the city is to set your timezone correctly. You will receive an email advising you of your log-in details.

We hope you will find the Douglas Forums useful. can see the Douglas Forums here.




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