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Douglas motorcycle second gear

Does your
second gear
look like this,
or worse?

The Douglas 19-tooth mainshaft gear shown here had robust face clutches for first and top speed but used the gear teeth sliding into mesh with the 18-tooth layshaft gear to engage second. Aptly known as ‘clash’ gear change! Over time even in normal usage this subjected the teeth to a tremendous battering, resulting in deformed teeth, noisy operation and eventually a destructive tendency to jump out of second gear under load. Replacement gears have not been available for a very long time. Until now and only in very limited numbers, get your set while you can!

Replace it
with this!

Douglas motorcycle second gear

Limited number of newly manufactured second gear pair for the vintage o.h.v. Douglas motorcycle three-speed gearbox. On offer are the 19-tooth mainshaft slider gear and its mating 18-tooth layshaft gear.

  • - Suitable for UG, TG, and YG prefix gearboxes.
  • - As used in OB, Dirt Track, Speedway, I.o.M./TT, and certain other models.
  • - Direct replacements for the original gears in form, fit, and function. Including the slight 2-degree undercut on the face clutch dogs.
  • - Gear hobbed 9-diametral pitch stub tooth form.
  • - Precision Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) cut internal splines. Surface finish and tolerances exceed originals.
  • - Made from premium vacuum melt Timken™ steel. Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy, 8620 AISI/SAE spec.
  • - Case hardened 0.035 deep with a surface hardness of RHc 58 as per original.
  • - Core hardness of RHc 36 for excellent shock resistance.
  • - Cryogenic tempered at -300°F to a full martensitic structure in the case for enhanced wear resistance and release of residual stress in the core.
  • - Superior metallurgic uniformity, purity and refinement over originals.
Douglas motorcycle second gear set

Here is what you receive:

  • 1 x 19-tooth mainshaft gear
  • 1 x 18-tooth layshaft gear

    $625 US, sold as a pair only.

    Packing, postage and insurance

    Packing is free. Some typical prices for postage are given below, with optional insurance. These prices are a guide only and may differ with your exact location. Please email me (subject line "SW Gears") if you would like an exact price for your location.

3 days
4-7 days
4-6 weeks
  Great Britain
Priority 2-day
Surface Parcel
  United States*
  * Rates vary widely based on distance; those given are to ship coast to coast.

For availability and queries write to:

Doug Kephart, Subject line “SW GEARS”

Do not send funds without inquiring first, supplies are limited!


Larger photos for a closer view (click on picture)

Close-up , old 19 tooth gear
Detail, new 19 tooth gear
New 1st gear clutch
New 3rd gear clutch
Positions in cluster


Layshaft assembly showing worn 18 tooth gear
Detail, old 18 tooth gear






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