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05 Apr 04

New Server and new Forums

After 12 months of smooth running on a server in Austraila, we've moved back to a U.S.based server prior to opening the new Douglas Forums. The U.S. based server is more central for our world wide visitors and we hope it will provide quick response times for the Forums and run as smoothly as the Australian operation did.

Although the old For Sale and Wanted pages have done a good job for the past 2 years, the new Forums provide a much better environment for the sharing of valuable Douglas knowledge. As well as providing a better advertsing environment, it allows Douglas enthusiasts to communicate with each other, either in the public forums or via private messaging. Email addresses are also hidden from public view. We hope you find it useful.

15 Apr 03

Another major outage as web hosting provider loses the plot.

Something's going on over there in Florida. Our web hosting provider seems to have completely lost the plot. We recently paid for 12 months service in advance. Two weeks later they managed to lose all trace of this site and all our email services. Other site owners are reporting similar experiences and their attempts to get problems resolved is a complete exercise in frustration. The hosting company seems to have lost control of their systems and are swamped with support calls. So it's time to move on and find a provider who has a better grip on things.

If you sent us an email between about 8th April 2003 and 15th April 2003, please send it again - no email came through in that period.

Apologies to all for the outage. We've moved to a new hosting provider in Australia and hope they can provide a better service.


01 Dec 02

New Articles Page

Today marks the completion of a site upgrade that has been going on in the background for some time. The transformation of the former "Your Douglas" page into a new Douglas Articles page is now complete. There's now a bevy of fine stories and technical articles contributed by Doug Kephart, for your enjoyment. If you have anything Douglas you would like to display on this page (text or pictures), please send it here.

12 July 2002

Three day outage as our web host provider gets wet.

Here's how they described it...

"Unfortunately, a severe water catastrophe has occurred on your UNIX server system. The water main that runs through our data center building bursts and water begins cascading into server room I, jeopardizing a limited amount of UNIX servers. The UNIX server your account is located on is one of these machines. At this point, we must regretfully declare all data as lost."

If you tried to send an email in the last few days and it was returned... please send it again.

09 Apr 2002

Restored Douglas Mk3

Doug Kephart has kindly sent in this story and pictures about his Douglas Mk3. You can read about it in the Douglas Articles. It's inspiring to see the transformation. If you have a Douglas project underway, or a fully restored machine, there's a lot of Douglas fans who would enjoy reading about it. Send a few words about your project to here


28 Mar 2002

Three New Sections Added

Douglas Articles - Douglas owners talk about their machines
Parts For Sale - a place to sell your spare Douglas parts
Parts Wanted - if you need some parts, here's a good way to let others know

All of the above are free. Send your material to here


17 Mar 2002


Congratulations to Snowdream from Australia who made the winning offer of A$38,100 for the Whole Parts Collection.

Thank you
Also a big thank you to every other buyer who participated. And another big thank you to all those who provided information and all those who asked questions.

The Website
The website will be modified in the next few days to become a broader Douglas site where you can post notices, pictures, snippets, technical conquests - anything Douglas. It will be a gradual transformation depending on what material you send in... anything Douglas welcome.

So if you have a question, something for sale, something wanted, some technical advice... anything Douglas.. send it to here. It's a free service.

We have been getting about 500 visits a week from all over the world, so your message will be seen by many other Douglas enthusiasts.

Attach pictures if you have them and I'll put them on display.


13 Mar 2002

Last 24 Hours FAQ

As we approach the end of the sale in three days time, I've put a list of questions and answers covering most aspects of the last 24 hours in the Last 24 Hours FAQ.

06 Mar 2002

Additional parts added

A few more boxes of parts have been photographed and added to the site. There's 20 new groups of parts not previously displayed now under the heading Additional Parts They are included as part of the Whole Collection.

Some expanded views of flywheels and brake drums showing the backing plates, brake lining rings and so forth have been added on the Flywheels page.

28 Feb 2002 Douglas Buyers - you can sell the Triumph 250 in Australia

On the Buyer's Page there is now a separate offer for the Triumph 250 from an Australian buyer. If your primary interest is in the Douglas parts, you have the opportunity to immediately sell the Triumph directly to this buyer and save on freight.
22 Feb 2002

Website Host Provider experiencing Denial of Service attack

If you have been unable to view the website or send us email in the past 24 hours, it is because our website host provider in Florida USA, has been experiencing a "Denial of Service" or DoS attack. A DoS attack creates a flood of messages to the network of servers. This clogs the network with traffic and prevents our requests to view pages from getting through. It can also prevent email from getting through.

At this stage, it seems email is received by the server OK, I just can't access it. If you have sent any mail to any of our email addresses in the past 24 hours and it has been returned, please send it again. Otherwise, please use the backup email address below.

13 Feb 2002

Making offers during the last 24 hours

A recent enquiry mentioned "sniping" - a tactic used to win on-line auctions such as eBay. Sniping works by submitting the bid so close to the closing time that other buyers don't have time to respond.

Unlike eBay, the Buyer's page on this site is updated manually, which takes about 10-15 minutes. So sniping isn't really a practical tactic and may just result in confusion at the end if more than one person is trying it. Also, I feel it's not really fair to buyers unfamiliar with eBay practices, who placed early offers in good faith.

So, to help keep the offer process more even, and fair for those who have made early offers, some refinements have been introduced for offers during the last 24 hours.

To place an eligible offer during the last 24 hours, you need to have placed a competitive offer for the same item prior to the last 24 hours. For more details, see Last 24 Hours on the How to Buy page. Also the Offer Increments section below it.

13 Feb 2002

More information on packing and shipping

More detailed information about packing and shipping costs is now on the How to Buy page under the heading Taking delivery of the Parts

10 Feb 2002

John Holmes notes on the parts.

John Holmes, a former Douglas SW racer from Scotland has gone through all the pictures on the site and made some notes. Well worth a read if you need some help identifying all these parts. See the About The Parts page for John's notes.


8 Feb 2002 

Additions and deletion to Engines and Engine Parts

Following an enquiry about crankshafts, I found an
error on the engines page. The photo of engine number EL 1288 is EL988 taken from the side. After a quick look in the storeroom today, I can't locate an engine with the number EL 1288. I may have got this number from Alex's notes on the parts and mistakenly assigned it to the wrong photo. So the Engine page has been updated to reflect this change. If EL1288 turns up, I'll add it back in.

On the positive side, I did find a significant box of parts (including two crankshafts and seven conrods) not previously photographed. These are included in the Collection and have been added to the site as follows:

2 x crankshafts (one with conrod) - see Engines Parts page
7 x conrods - see Engines Parts page
2 x airbox parts - see Engines Parts page
A collection of shims and gaskets - see Engines Parts page
A Douglas wheel hub - see Wheels page
Various gears and gudgeons - see Engines Parts page
Crankshaft counterweights - see Engines Parts page

28 Jan 2002 Thanks to Lotuseater for drawing my attention to the Douglas frame numbers. It appears there are two numbers on Douglas frames - one on the junction of the horizontal bar with the rear forks and the other on the top of the rear forks. I was listing the number on the top of the rear forks when it should have been the other. The frame pages have now been updated to show both numbers.



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