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Racing Notes

Here are some technical notes Alex made after three races. They may be of interest if you are technically minded or rebuilding a Douglas. The wording is exactly as he wrote in his note book, including abbreviations.

Narre Warren 18th June 1938

  • very greasy conditions
  • G.B. motor ratio 5.83
  • Standard flywheel
  • 2 Gripsters. Pressures 8lbs front and 15lbs rear
  • Stanavo 87 and 3oz meth per gallon
  • KLG K55 plugs
  • original reamed jets 38 front 40 rear
  • 20 deg camshaft
  • Comprerssion ratio 7.6-1

Data from Minature T.T. - 1st January 1940

  • 27 miles 5th place
  • 500cc D.T. motor
  • G.B. flywheel (standard)
  • Gear ratio 4.42 (too high?)
  • Gold Pax spirit
  • C.R. gearbox
  • Jets 38 rear and 40 front (over rich)
  • Fuel used approx 1 gallon
  • Oil used 1/3 pint
  • Oil pump half open
  • 20 deg camshaft
  • KLG 902 plugs 14mm long reach
  • Carb settings for 50/50 mix of Vac 2 and Vac 3.
  • Standard jet holders (weak when cold)
  • Jets approx size 52
  • Needle in max high position
  • Large cutaway on throttle slide

Data from Minature T.T. (Altona) 18th August 1940

  • 1st in Solo Scratch 10 laps. Time 18.4
  • 500cc D.T. motor
  • E.W. flywheel
  • Gear ratio 5.94 (18-29-16-59) C. ratio
  • Fuel 1/3 vac.3 and 2/3 vac. 2
  • B.R.4 Lodge plugs
  • Fuel used approx 3/4 gallon for 10 laps
  • Oil pump 3/4 open
  • 20 deg camshaft
  • Tyre pressures 11lb. front and rear
  • Carb setting

Gear Ratios

  • Altona 5.94
  • Fisherman's Bend 6.78


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