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12 June 2003

click on pic
for a larger view


Do You Recognize This Douglas?

Hello, I was reading your website trying to find this bike and thought I'd try emailing a picture of it to see if you would recognize it. I've just recently started riding myself and remembered this old picture. It is my great grandmother in Kingston, Ontario, Canada about the 1930's I think. Would you have any idea what model or year this bike is? If you do have any information, it would be greatly appreciated. I am in southern Ontario.

Thank you.
Rod Sutherland

07 June 2003

Owners Manual and Kick start Rubber wanted - 1936 Aero Douglas 500cc

I have so far not been able to track down an Owners Manual for my 1936 Aero Douglas, 500cc model. As you can imagine this makes repairs and adjustments more difficult than they need be so one would be fantastically useful.
I also need a new kick start rubber as mine has perished and is on its last legs or should I say feet?
Can anyone please help?

Robert Manley, England

26 May 2003

Belt Guard for 2-3/4hp 1923 Douglas wanted

Hi... I'm looking for an original belt guard for my 2 3/4 hp 1923 Douglas, in any condition !

Best wishes to all. Carlo Nigi, Italy

06 May 2003

1930's - 1940's Douglas Grass Track Bike Wanted

Wanted 1930's - 1940's Douglas grass track bike or bits, will consider anything in any condition.

Please email. Thanks Dominic.


27 Apr 2003

Parts Wanted for 1926 350 EW Douglas

I'm restoring a 1926 Douglas. I need the following parts. Gas and oil caps, luggage rack, floor boards, valve viewing plug and exhaust nut. If you have any parts or some one with measurements for the floor boards and luggage rack. Thank you for your help.


20 Apr 2003

Wanted - Information about a Douglas Motorcycle

I have a Douglas machine, I think it is a 600cc. The chassis number is 7911, engine number is 7031.

Also, on the engine is written the patent number (larger picture here)

  15313 )  
  15322 )

Can anyone help me identify this machine?

Is 1913 the build year? And please, the power from this motorcycle?

Many thanks... Andreas Kügler

click on each picture for a larger view

24 Mar 2003

Parts Wanted for Douglas Mark 5

Hello, I am looking for a rear lamp , centre stand , petrol taps and a handle bar for my Mark 5.
Can someone give me addresses were to get such parts?

Thanks, best regards

Michael Lösle. Germany


24 Mar 2003 Information on 1948/49 Douglas T35 Sports

My Dad had a 1948/1949 T35 sports when he was a young lad in England. I am seeking some data/specs or photos of this model. Can anyone please help?

He used to have photos of it over the years - they got lost or damaged. It would make his year just to see some photos of it once again. He also used to work on them for a living when he first got married.

Thank you

Robert Crocker


21 Mar 2003

Crankshaft for 1926 Douglas OC600 Wanted

I am restoring an OC600 and need to find a serviceable crank (OB would do I think). Otherwise information on how one can repair the crank or rebuild. Problem is rust on the big end bearing surface.

Ian Richardson, The Oaks, Australia.


20 Mar 2003

Douglas Petrol Tank Wanted

Wanted - petrol tank in sound condition for S5/S6/E31 etc.

Martin Heckscher

17 Feb 2003

Douglas Frames and Engines - Which goes with which ?

Could you please help me. I have two Douglase's and both are in a box (all mixed up), I would like to know which engine goes with the correct frame .Could you also tell me the year of manufacture, and what type of magneto I should look for as they are both missing.

FRAME Numbers. MF 14893, MF 17760

ENGINE Numbers. YV 15672, YE 19797

Thanking you. Mark Jeppesen, South Africa


10 Feb 2003

Douglas Mk5 Rear Suspension Parts Wanted

Please can you maybe assist me in procuring Douglas Mk 5 rear suspension bushes, seals and sleeves as I have aquired a Mk5 without the rear suspension fittings Also if you can date the machine from the frame number I would appreciate it. Frame Number : 11564 / 5B

I also have additional complete gearbox with clutch and possible some additional engine parts

Your assistance will be most appreciated

Allister Pohl, South Africa


07 Feb 2003

Jamming Kickstarter on Douglas EW

I am restoring an EW. The kick starter segment gear and shaft were missing. I have had a segment gear and matching pinion cut by a professional gearcutter. I asked him what modification I needed to make to the spur gear profiles in order that they would engage without jamming. He did not know and had never been asked that question.

Can anyone advise what modification I need to make to either the pinion or segmented gear to overcoming the tooth jaming which now takes place every second time I attempt a start?

After 10 years of restoration I rode my EW around the block within our Retirement Village.

Don Whalley


31 Dec 2002







1924 Douglas 2-3/4hp Parts Wanted

I am restoring a 1924 2-3/4 hp Douglas and would like to purchase the following parts:

EIC Magneto parts:
A. Magneto housing end cover as shown on the Electrical page - Magnetos 4. In the upper center of the photo is a partially complete EIC magneto, which has the required end cover.

B. Magneto pickups - 2 required, 4 preferred. Also shown on the Electrical page - Magnetos 4. In the lower center of photo is a partially complete EIC magneto which has at least one of the required pickups installed, although there may be two, it is hard to tell from the photo. It would also appear that in photo Small Parts 2-9 in the upper left portion a single pickup is shown with wire.

Does anyone else need magneto pick-ups? If I can't find any soon, I will make some. Please contact me if you are interested.

Handle bar lever

Shown in the photo Small Parts 1 - Hand Controls, in the right side column, fourth lever from the bottom appears to be the lever needed. I could supply a tracing of the required lever if needed.

Please contact Mark Gibson


17 Dec 2002

click pic for larger view

Information on Douglas Stationary Engine

I have a Douglas engine like the one for sale in Australia and would like to find out more about it. If anyone has any info or parts, or knows anyone who could help, please contact me. Many thanks.


01 Dec 2002

Wanted CW Engine or Clutch Assembly

I want to purchase a 2 3/4 HP CW engine complete with clutch or a
complete clutch assembly. I also need a Bowden Magneto Lever to fit 1
inch diameter handlebar.

Regards, John Hall

28 Nov 2002

click pic for larger view


Matching levers wanted

Hi, I'm looking for a matching lever for any of these. I need a left and right. I would also be interested in buying a matching set. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,

Kim Lynch

19 Nov 2002

Pair of 80 Plus Barrels wanted

As a new Douglas owner who has dashed into buying an 80 Plus, and has now started finding out how much is wrong with it, I am in need of a pair of 80+ cylinder barrels (or even one would be a start), or unmachined castings, as my barrels are Mark 4/5 ones. You may have one on your shelf, they look the same as Mark barrels, but are 1/10th inch shorter; the difference shows up when 2 barrels are placed side by side on a flat surface. The base flange may be the same thickness as a Mark 4/5, the later ones were thicker. I have been told there are none about, can you prove them wrong? I am also missing 2 valve caps and collets.

Ted Bateman


12 Nov 2002

1948 T35 Douglas motorcycle


Air cleaners for 1948 T35 wanted

My original Mark 111 (back c1950, when I was but a lad, sigh!) was fitted with air cleaners to each carby. They were about 75 to 95 mm diam and had several layers of mesh from coarse to medium to fine pitch retained by a circlip - they replaced the usual venturi intake. I now have a 1948 T35 and wish to fit similar cleaners. Does anyone know where I can obtain some?

Alwyn Hunt, South Australia

07 Nov 2002


Original Douglas factory in Bristol - I'm there!

My name is Joe McNamara and I currently operate a sign making business from Douglas House on the site where the motorcycles used to be made. I need to put a new sign on Douglas House and for historical reasons, I'd love to reproduce the original "Douglas" text on the new sign to keep the link with the proud history of the site so it doesn't get forgotten. If you have any close up pics of the text that would help me greatly - I'd also appreciate any help in locating photos of the site during production of the motorcycles. Thanks for a great site!


editor's note... the pic is for illustrative purposes only. It is from a tank which was part of the Kynoch Douglas Parts Collection. It may not be the same as the original text on Douglas House. You can see the tank here.

06 Nov 2002

Can you help identify this Douglas Engine?

I have a douglas engine , engine no.ft35/1/1271 on engine base . I would be grateful for any information on this please.

Many thanks, David




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