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17 May 2002

Kickstarter and Clutch - Model W21

I have a Douglas motorcycle 350cc, 2-cylinder Type W2 from 1920.This motorcycle has no kickstarter and clutch. It is very hard to drive on main-roads. The Model W21 (1921-23), one year later has a 3-speed-gear with clutch and kickstarter. Can you help me to find this gear?

Thanks in advance

Franz Linke, Germany


17 May 2002

Flywheel and clutch assembly - 1926 CW Douglas.

Can you help? I need a complete flywheel clutch assembly to suit a 1926 CW Douglas. Even parts to suit would assist. A kick start assembly is also needed for the same bike. Anything would be appreciated. Thanking you.

Bernie Mack, Australia


16 May 2002

Gearbox/clutch unit for 1911 Douglas

Hi there! I'm looking for a gearbox/clutch unit for my 1911 Douglas. Starting with the 1911-model a 2-speed gear and clutch became available as an option. The gearbox became a standard issue in 1912, but because of the change to a SV-type engine this part is of a different model. The 1911 'box was bolted directly to the underside of the carter (instead of more backward to the frame as in the 1912 model). Anyone?

Michiel Huisman, Groningen, The Netherlands

03 May 2002

Information on Douglas engines

I have recently purchased three Douglas flat twin engines. I am in the process of restoring them however I am having difficulty in sourcing any information or engine rebuild diagrams. If you know where I can source this information or if you have any such information I would be EXTREMELY grateful if you could let me know.
The number on one of the engines is - FT35/1/2238. If you would even have any information on the year of this engine or what it was used for that would also be greatly appreciated.

Chris Moore, U.K.


1 May 2002

Wanted for 1913/1914 Douglas

Gearbox parts - I require the complete kickstarter and clutch operating mechanism for this machine. This is the model with leather cone type clutch built into the gearbox pulley. Gearbox itself is conventional two speed , but with driveside gearbox casting to allow attachment of kickstart and clutch operating device. Any help appreciated, even a loan for a pattern.

Neville Thomas, Victoria AUSTRALIA


25 April 2002

Larger image here


Recognise this engine?

I have a circa 1926 350SV engine, No 86443.
It has provision for "electrics" , I have never seen such a motor before.
Can anyone throw any light on it?

Thanks....Howard, Australia

22 April 2002

Wanted - For S6/T6 Douglas 1930/31

Petrol tank - its the only part required to complete the bike.

Andy Clarke, Australia
Tel 03-5243-3749

19 April 2002

Any advice please?

My name is Guido Rossini. I live in Brescia, Italy. I have a Douglas motorcycle (SW?) acquired in South America - frame number EL1042, engine number EL1044. I wouldn't restore it, what do you advise me?
If someone can advise or help me for go back to the year of production, and tell me if it's in original condition?

Guido Rossini, Italy

(click on each image for a larger view)

13 April 2002

Larger image here


Which model Douglas?

Can you tell me the model of this Douglas? Maybe Mk5?

Thanks... Luis

04 April 2002

1924 Douglas Parts Wanted

Could anybody surpise me and say they have parts for a1924 model Douglas. Thanks......hopeful

Ralph Hudson

04 April 2002

E31 Douglas Parts Wanted

I have a Douglas E31. I'm looking for a tank, front wheel and mudguards. Thank you very much for your answer in advance!

regards... Bálint

31 March 2002

Douglas Mark 5 Parts Wanted

I have a Douglas Mark 5 1950 and need some spare parts
- complete seals to the engine.
- chaincover
- saddle
Does anyone know where I can buy spare parts for my loved machine? I will be very grateful.

Thomas Wallin Lyckan 4
92191 Lycksele

26 March 2002


51 Tooth Sprocket Wanted

I am seeking to purchase a 51 tooth rear wheel sprocket for my OB/OC Douglas similar to that shown on the Sprockets page - Sprockets 2.

Geoff Hanson, Scotland.

24 March 2002

1913 Douglas Parts Wanted

Frame and forks for a 1913 douglas 2.3/4 Douglas. I have a frame but it's been cut up and parts are missing.

Roy Mellor, UK.


23 March 2002

Douglas SW Flywheel & Clutch Wanted

I am interested in buying an SW flywheel and clutch for a 1928-32 Douglas.
Many thanks

Michael Sheridan, NZ


22 March 2002

Larger image here

Hand Controls Wanted

Hand carburetor and magneto control levers for my F-28 Douglas, see
"Small parts 1", "Hand controls". There is a magneto control in the LH
column, forth from bottom and one in RH column second from top. There is a
throttle/air control in the bottom row, third from left. Both should be
center stud mounting, not clip on type, to fit the through holes on the
handlebars of my F-28

D. Kephart, USA.

22 March 2002

Larger image here


Positive Stop Gear Change Wanted

Positive stop gear change mechanism exactly as shown in "Small parts 3-3".

D. Kephart, USA.

20 March 2002

Larger image here

1925 Douglas Tank Wanted

I have a 1925 Douglas motor cycle - two and three quarter horse power, but the tank is rusted out inside, in the partition between the oil and petrol sections. Tank number 4 on the Tank page looks like the tank on my bike. If anyone has one for sale, please contact me at the address below.

Peter Murphy, Australia.


20 March 2002 Douglas OW1 Parts Wanted

Parts wanted for my 1934 - 35 Douglas OW1. There were not many made, so before I resort to making parts, please check your parts shelves to see if you have anything you might want to sell. I have the major items, frame, some fork parts, wheels, engine and gearbox although some of these are missing a few odd items. I would appreciate any help with the other items no matter how small. Absolutely anything considered.

With thanks, Alan Clark

22 March 2002

Larger image here

Do You Recognise This Douglas?

Wanted - information and more pictures on the machine shown which appears to combine a special K/M model Douglas frame and a short stroke dirt track engine. Possibly an unsuccessful Works attempt for the Junior TT, later versions appear to have been used in the 1931 Scottish Six Days Trials.

D. Kephart, USA.


18 March 2002


Douglas Scale Model Wanted

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get a scale model of a 1915 350cc Douglas. My grandfather rode one in WW1 in Baghdad and I would love to own a model of one ( as the money for the real thing eludes me) . Any hints would be greatly appreciated .

Michael Stafford, Australia.

Douglas Scale Model Found

You may have already located this company via the Internet, but if not, they are still in business and still list the kit for sale. It is not exactly the same year that you were looking for, but the difference between 1913 and 1915 is very slight and probably not represented at 1:32 scale. The website for Scale Link is and the kit is listed under WW1 military vehicles, kit # SMEB/VK02 at 22-12 sterling. They have the same kit with a side car. Their e-mail is, Phone/FAX: 1747 811817. There may be other kits of 2-3/4 hp Douglases out there (perhaps a little bigger), this is just the only one I happen to have seen.

Douglas Kephart, USA

18 March 2002 Douglas A-31 Parts For Sale and Wanted

I have a Douglas A-31. I'm looking for a crankshaft, rear chain guard and electrical BTH rear lamp. I would also be interested in a complete A-31 engine. Engine prefix letters: EV. I also have some extras for sale - frame, forks etc.

Jan in Norway.








1924 Douglas 2-3/4hp Parts Wanted

I am restoring a 1924 2-3/4 hp Douglas and would like to purchase the following parts:

EIC Magneto parts:
A. Magneto housing end cover as shown on the Electrical page - Magnetos 4. In the upper center of the photo is a partially complete EIC magneto, which has the required end cover.

B. Magneto pickups - 2 required, 4 preferred. Also shown on the Electrical page - Magnetos 4. In the lower center of photo is a partially complete EIC magneto which has at least one of the required pickups installed, although there may be two, it is hard to tell from the photo. It would also appear that in photo Small Parts 2-9 in the upper left portion a single pickup is shown with wire.

Handle bar lever

Shown in the photo Small Parts 1 - Hand Controls, in the right side column, fourth lever from the bottom appears to be the lever needed. I could supply a tracing of the required lever if needed.

Please contact Mark Gibson.




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