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30 Oct 2002

1949 Douglas 500cc motorcycle

click pic for larger view

Can you help identify this Douglas?

Hello, my name is Ariel Kulas and I live in Argentina. Can you help me with this motorcycle? I only know about this is a DOUGLAS 1949 500cc. Please tell me the model because I don't have idea. Thanks for your time. Goodbye.

Ariel Kulas, Argentina

E31 Info Wanted

Hi... I've never had a Douglas before but I just bought an E31 in what seems to be very original condition (or a much older rebuild). Frame no. YF2835 (maybe not the original frame as it appears to be stamped over another no.), Engine no. EQ2523, Gearbox no. WG/T2601. I attach a couple of photos. The bike was first registered 31st May 1932.

Any information on the model or particular suggestions or advice regarding the E31 & Douglas's of this period would be much appreciated.

Best wishes to all
Martin Heckscher U.K.


click pics for larger view



30 September 2002

Info on Douglas engine

Hoping you can help me. A couple of days ago I picked up a Douglas Motorcycle Engine. The number 57304 is stamped on the engine case as well as Patent # 13535/1911. Does this mean it's a 1911???? The gear cover has 2 3/4H.P. ts/23 stamped into it as well as the name Douglas.

I also found the fuel tank - good shape with all of the caps as well as the oil primer. I'm certain they are off the same bike.

Any info, or if you know of anybody interested in these items. Any idea on value?

Ivan Worrall, Ste Rose Du Lac, Manitoba Canada R0L-1S0

19 September 2002

1933 Douglas Greyhound motorcycle

click pic for larger view

Float for 1933 Douglas Greyhound

I have a 1933 Douglas Greyhound. I have had her for 15 or so years. I purchased her from a British bike dealer - I believe his name was/is Andy Teirnan (this is from memory I have exact details somewhere). I ride her on a regular basis.

The bike has never left me stranded. Even though she sometimes reminds me she can if I do not pay attention. Well one of those times happened last week. After visiting friends, I noticed that fuel was dripping from her. The float had several cracks in it. Well I patched her up and we limped on home.

Being that I have only seen two Douglas motorcycles ever - my 1933 and my neighbor's 1916 - the search is on for finding a float. And that's how I found this site.

Here is a picture of my Greyhound. Anyone have a float setting about, I would appreciate a notice. Riding season only good for about 2 more months. Then I put her back in the house for the winter.

Have good days! Rich Veldman

31 Aug 2002

1913 Douglas motorcycle

click pic for larger view

1913 Douglas

vorrei sapere che modello e' la moto nella foto che viho inviato .e' una tre marce sul monoblocco appare un numero e un anno 1913 la forcella e il manubrio non e' originale e' possibile sapere che modello e'??? inoltre sono in possesso di un telaio e serbatoio cambio a tre marce di un telaio simile mi manca il motore .E' possibile avere un manubrio con leve del freni e leve aria e gas e anticipo e un motore di scorta ??? grazie fammi sapere qualche cosa grazie


30 Aug 2002

1928 Douglas Dirt Track Wanted

Hello my name is Jason Cefola. I'm looking for a 1928 Douglas dirt tracker. I'm not very familier with the models or how they came. My grandfather was named "Reggie Pink". He was the first to import Triumph into the US as well as all the British models. He was one of the most successful hill climbers and dirt riders in the States. I visited the British Museum in the UK last week and decided to get a Douglas which was his favorite bike.

Can you tell me how to go about finding one and what to expect? I'm not looking for a museum bike. I need something that runs so I can tinker with it and really ride it. I just want to feel what it was like to ride something like it. Any help would be great. I will be back in the UK in November. thanks. Jay

Jay Cefola

06 Aug 2002

click pic for larger view


Douglas knee grip details

Detailed close up photo and/or rubbing of the Douglas knee grip pictured to aid in creating new reproductions. These were fitted from the mid to late twenties Douglas models. Years ago I was able to borrow the one shown for a time as well as an original bracket that they mount on. So though this one had perished (more like petrified) it did provide the basic size and shape.
What I do not know is how much detail the Scotsman figure has. It seems to be more than just a silhouette, as faint remains of some details can still be seen. But I can not tell is how detailed the figure was carved. I suspect it was just some incised cuts to create a general caricature. But it also may have been full bass relief carving. I can not really tell. Any help appreciated. Photos would need to be very close up and sharp, and/or high resolution to be of best use.

Thanks, Doug.

25 July 2002

Parts for 1923 Douglas

I am looking for handlebars, levers, front brake fittings for this otherwise complete bike that I have just bought. It is a 1923, 2-3/4HP, frame number 1914. Also top and internals for amac carb.

It would be very much appreciated if someone could help.


23 July 2002

Kickstart for 1936 350cc Douglas

Require a kickstart for a 1936 350CC for and aft twin with tapered spline.

cheers, Clive Wood

18 July 2002

Help Me Brothers

Dear amateurs of motorcycles Douglas!!! I live in Russia in St.-Petersburg. I restore Douglas mod V 2.75 HP 1914. My motorcycles is not completed by some details. I ask for your help.

I want to purchase:

System of the forward brake.
System of the back brake
Lucas 62 headlamp
Sprocket back
Main belt

I can pay cost by Visa


07 July 2002

click pics for larger view

Motorcycle Museum of Vransko - 1925 Douglas

We have just bought in Stafford a Douglas cc300 1925 in pretty good
condition! The problem is that we are not Douglas experts and we don't have that much information and literature about the famous trade-mark.
I'm sending you two not very good photos, so if you need better ones please let me know! Anyway I also have the wheels (not sure if original), brakes, hendelbar (replica), fueltank (original).
I'm interested in every info you can give me on the motorcycle and if there
are some parts I can get for it.

Thank you in advance.

Grom Peter, Director of the Museum

03 July 2002

Carburettor Wanted

Wanted the carburettor shown in the attached picture. A complete carb or parts will be a great help.

Pete Jackson

02 July 2002

Workshop Manual for Douglas Dragonfly

I am currently re-building a Douglas Dragonfly. It is running but with excessive blow by from the front of the engine where the electric cable comes out from the front. I'm trying to get hold of a workshop manual to see if Ihave blocked breathers or piston ring trouble. Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated here in Peterborough. If you have the time please reply to the address below.

Yours, Brian Ayres, Peterborough


29 June 2002

T3 Petrol Tank

I am looking for a T3 Petrol Tank for a friend of mine. Is there anybody out there who may have one ?

The tank is for John Wessels of Kempton Park South Africa. He is an old age pensioner with a passion for motor cycles owning aVincent , Guzzi Le Mans MK III, BMW R 75/5 , Kawasaki 1100, Honda 750(900) 4 F series motor and a Douglas in need of a tank

Thank you, Chris Wordsworth


16 June 2002

Missing Crankshaft

I am searching for a crankshaft to suit a 1924 Douglas. It is the only part missing from an otherwise complete bike in pieces. The owner departed this planet and the secret of where the crankshaft went with him.

I also need a carby to suit a 1936 Z1 Powerflow 750cc Douglas. This has a lever choke on the carby body.
A carby cover as shown in the Douglas sales brochure for that model would be nice too.

Ian Hand. Tuross Head. NSW Australia.

1 June 2002

1929 B29 Douglas motorcycle

larger image here

Parts wanted for Douglas B29, 1929 model

Heating tube for B&B carb. Gear box sprocket (Large, primary drive and
small, secondary drive). Clutch with sprocket. Brake plate, rear drum with sprocket.

Michael Gregor, Trondheim, Norway

1 June 2002

Bearings wanted for 1930 Douglas, model S6

In need of drive side bearings for a 1930 Douglas Model S6, 600cc SV.

Please reply to Bill





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